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Welcome to We want to combine storage and aesthetics in a new way. Creating products that feature clean lines, easy organization, complete access, and reliability. Taking inspiration from both nature and  modern design. Join us on our journey as we start from the very beginning.

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How did we get here?

Starting out life as new parents we quickly learned of how little effective storage space we have available to us.  Constant struggles of "trying" to reason with a now 2 year old has brought us to this conclusion.  He will continue to dump toys on the floor.  No number of convincing arguments will change this fact. 

So with that new found insight of the parent/child dynamic we thought, we need to minimize the amount of toys available but be able to rotate out on a constant basis.

But here lie's the first problem, I have no idea what is in any of my current storage containers.  Second problem, storage containers on top were stuffed with items that I would "sort later".  I know, life lessons about being tidy are hard sometimes.  So let's build a new storage system that is a little more appealing than the standard 2x4/plywood storage.  Let's make something that looks better and has greater function.

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